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Forgotten women: tackling women’s health in mid and later life

The menopause is a natural phenomenon that will affect roughly half the population. But for a long time, it’s been...
Consumer Medical February 01, 2021

How the ‘gender data gap’ impacts on women’s health

From research funding to clinical trials, the ‘gender data gap’ has a knock-on effect on women’s health globally...
Consumer Medical February 01, 2021

How innovation is transforming period care

Menstrual products have been in use for thousands of years – from ancient pads and tampons fashioned out of fabric...
Consumer Medical February 01, 2021

Upcycled food is here to stay. Here’s five great examples

If current global food-waste trends continue, by 2030, around 66 tonnes of food will be lost or thrown away every...
Consumer Food & beverage January 20, 2021
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