Technology risk reduction

The whole process of product and technology development intrinsically contains risk. Developing a product that uses fundamentally new technologies increases the risk further. Therefore it is important to understand early on the nature of those risks and have strategies to mitigate them.

Sagentia has nearly 30 years’ experience working in cutting-edge R&D environments where managing technology risk is critical. We measure risk from the very early concept stage against criteria such as expected functionality, user experience, cost, and timeframes. Identifying and managing risk is both implicit in the end-to-end development cycle and explicit in some specific steps.

Identification of key risks

It is most important to identify the really high-risk issues, the true show stoppers, early and evaluate them fully. Our scientific analysis will try to establish what is possible, identify if there are examples of the technology being used before and also assess reliability and cost. We can then work with you to establish the pros and cons of different options and decide a way forward.

Addressing key risks early

Having identified risks it is important to address them through testing different scenarios. The purpose of this is to avoid following a development path which is ultimately fruitless. We use experimental design to mitigate development risk through the use of statistically robust work programs that aim to quickly answer the key show-stopping questions, thereby minimizing resource and getting rapid 'reasons to believe' or 'faster to no' output to a project.

Extensive testing

Testing, testing and testing again. Throughout the development lifecycle, different types of testing occur including life testing (including HALT testing), environmental testing and consumer acceptance testing. We undertake activities such as lab tests, Proof of Principle activities, analysis and building prototypes to demonstrate capability.


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