Technology profiling

Many of our clients ask us to assess the technology currently available to achieve their goals - whether to drive an acquisition, broaden their existing capabilities or build market share. They may be seeking ‘white space analysis’ to identify new opportunities or wanting to leapfrog to a new market through partnership or acquisition.

Technology assessment

We have a long history of assessing both new and mature technologies, ranging from seemingly groundbreaking discoveries in academic labs to technologies that have been successfully applied in parallel industries. We can help you understand the integral science characteristics and determine whether the technology is feasible (whether it works; is robust and fit-for-purpose) and viable (whether the market will accept it; whether it meets cost constraints) for your needs. The output of the work helps you make the correct investment decisions.

Technology landscaping

Technology scouting can be an effective way to reduce time-to-market and achieve cost efficiency across your development and production processes. Other key benefits include risk management, bridging technology gaps and new opportunity discovery. Our approach starts with market needs and uses them to drive the technology search. Typically the search will deliver a database of several hundred candidate technologies. We build a bespoke genealogy which deconstructs the market needs to form technical leads or targets. We then use these targets to identify real examples of technology.

Due Diligence

We have substantial experience undertaking technical due diligence reviews of companies and technologies for organizations prior to investment or acquisition. The process uncovers risks and uncertainties which you as the investor may not have been aware of and gives you confidence about your investment options. Our due diligence assignments are usually carried out for either corporate business development teams evaluating an M&A opportunity or for venture capital and private equity organizations. The work involved typically includes an independent review of the target’s technology, an assessment of the product viability, clarity on the uniqueness it has in the market and the level of future-proofing included in current roadmaps. We add commercial and competitor reviews to this analysis to understand how the target’s technology fits the current and future market and we review user needs, competitor products, disruptive technologies and market trends. This typically results in a final report covering the technology and commercial issues, including key development and deployment risks.


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