Market landscaping

We conduct comprehensive, highly strategic and detailed investigations into the specific markets in which our clients operate.  We overlay the prevailing science and technology context with more traditional market analysis tools. The result is an in-depth appraisal of the current landscape, the emerging trends, business opportunities and potential threats and the required insight to make informed choices.

Sagentia has undertaken a wide range of market landscaping projects.

One of our core areas of expertise is identifying and assessing the feasibility of new market opportunities, blending our industry experience with our front end innovation and technology development expertise. We use traditional market analysis tools but add a deep layer of analysis around science and technology realities and product development opportunities. Our aim is to identify products and services that not only sound good but are technically feasible and could be launched against market, regulatory and commercial requirements. We also use scenario planning to undertake future trends analysis to help identify emerging market scenarios and stakeholders. From this insight a technology roadmap can be built to 'future-proof' product families, securing future revenue streams.


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