Manufacturing support

Manufactured products can run into trouble at any point in their lifecycle, whether they are entirely new or mature products. Having an independent, highly-skilled third party review and analyze your processes can help to resolve issues and recommend improvement.

Sagentia can help you correctly diagnose the problem and find a rapid fix without wasting time and materials. Our approach involves:


We start by talking to the people who know your product and process intimately, ie the designers, operators, and maintainers, and spend time line-side to gather information. We then use tools to diagnose the problem, including root cause analysis, failure modes, effects analysis and statistical techniques.


We start by getting agreement on the validity of the diagnosis and seek buy-in from the people who will make the changes and live with the results. We then help advise on/implement a design change to the product and/or process. Some changes are complex and involve multiple parties, so we can manage the project and ensure the design intent is safeguarded.

Simulation and testing

We use first principles models of processes to determine what the natural variations in output should be and what drives those variations. There is always a gap between the model and reality, so we carefully validate the model against reality to satisfy ourselves that it’s tolerable. If appropriate, we design and conduct experiments to check hypotheses about root causes, either in the laboratory or on the live manufacturing line. Design of Experiments (DoE) tools are used to ensure the experiments get to the answers in the most time and cost-effective way. Outputs are documented and clearly communicated.


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