Human factors

Apart from ensuring a product is easy to use and safe, it's vital in today's competitive world to create products and services that are a pleasure to use. Winning over the hearts and minds of consumers or patients who have choice is essential in creating new revenue streams. If people are involved in the use of a product, then human factors engineering should be inherent to that product’s development process. This is especially relevant in the medical field where device manufacturers need to improve patient compliance, prove effectiveness and reduce safety risks.

When properly integrated into product development, usability reviews provide the essential insight to balance, help challenge, inform and direct technical decisions throughout the development lifecycle. This leads to streamlined manufacturing, a good user experience and better prospects for sound commercial return.

At Sagentia we set about designing the user experience, whether it is a new medical device, consumer or industrial product. This is a combination of the interpretation of user insights, creativity, and human factors engineering. We use a variety of research techniques and methodologies to identify future needs.

Our human factors expertise:

  • Human factors scoping, alignment & planning
  • Defining target & context of use
  • Exploring specific tasks & their corresponding demand from a usability perspective
  • Guiding concept generation
  • Detailed design & ongoing refining
  • Verification & validation

We can support your human factors engineering either by:

  • Adopting an audit role – conducting a process and documentation or product audit to improve alignment with usability standards
  • Adopting an advisory role – acting as a human factors spokesperson at design reviews
  • Being your integrated human factors partner as part of a full product development program – this can be scaled according to your specific project and requirements


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