Product design for extreme environments

Designing a product for the surroundings which it will ultimately inhabit is clearly critical for its success. When that product must operate in unusual or extreme conditions which could impact its normal functioning, then the design must address this.

Sagentia has significant experience in designing and developing products for extreme environments where robustness and reliability are pre-eminent. Specifying the product correctly – so that it is suitable for its environment but not over-specified is key. Past product developments have shown us that:

  • Correct and early specification of the degree of environmental protection required is paramount
  • Incorrect specification or late identification of requirements for the product can mean complex, difficult design changes and potentially considerable time and expense

We have worked with products which have to work reliably under exposure to the following:

  • Water
  • Dust
  • Vibration
  • Pressure (such as high altitude or submersion)
  • Corrosive or explosive atmospheres and chemicals
  • Unregulated power surges (such as static or lightning)
  • Heat

Robust, “rugged” design is particularly relevant in certain markets such as medical products, aerospace & military products, industrial equipment and in some leisure markets such as sports equipment.


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