Hardware & electronics

The challenge in hardware and electronics is generally about meeting a specific technical requirement. Key areas of expertise include producing miniaturized products, mass-market products at compelling price points, designing extremely low-power products and designing high speed, high-performance systems.

Sagentia can help you with all aspects of the electronic design process, from initial feasibility studies right through to production ready designs. We are able to deliver cost-effective designs for volume products as well as the design of complex mixed signal performance circuits.

Digital design

High-speed design focuses on controlling Signal Integrity (SI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). As components become smaller and faster, these issues become more significant. We have expertise in:

  • Terascale High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • High-speed communication
  • High-speed board design
  • High-performance FPGA designs

Our expertise across a range of product and system complexities enables us to tailor our designs to provide an optimized hardware solution in each particular case, including highly demanding medical, process control and instrumentation target applications.

  • 8-bit through to 32-bit CPU
  • 16-bit through to 64-bit DSP
  • Low power, cost effective CPLD designs
  • Low power discrete digital circuits

Analogue design

We have successfully designed numerous analog circuits, many of which are part of a larger system involving high-speed digital and signal processing design. We have particular knowledge of:

  • High-performance circuits
    • High speed, low noise, high fidelity, small size, low cost, low power
    • Hardware/software tradeoffs
  • Power supply design
    • AC line voltage, DC, switch mode / linear topologies
    • Various battery chemistries/charge controllers
    • Design of custom transformers for high-speed switching applications
  • Transducer interfacing
    • Magnetic, capacitive, optical and infrared, audio and ultrasound, resistive, various physiological signals (ECG/EMG/EEG)
    • Precision ADC / DAC / CODEC interfacing
  • Bespoke PCB layout
    • Multilayer boards
    • Specialized substrates for high-performance RF designs and high power LED
    • Flexi-PCB for miniature, low-cost products

Design for compliance

Most of our designs are subject to compliance testing against applicable international standards, and we regularly engage in detailed discussions with the relevant regulatory agencies and attend formal product testing. Our 30 years of experience covers markets across the world and we continually tune our design methods to maximize the probability of right-first-time compliance, in particular:

  • Safety
  • EMC
  • Radio (Bluetooth/BTLE, Sub-1GHz, MICS, GSM, RFID)


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