Algorithms & optimization

Algorithms are at the core of many of the products we develop. We have modeled, implemented and optimized a wide range of algorithms for object identification, condition monitoring, signal conditioning, sensors and more. Our expertise in system design guides the process, producing practical, optimized results.

Sagentia has end-to-end capabilities in mathematical modeling, algorithm development, software development and product realization to take an idea from theory to reality.

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We have a vast array of knowledge and experience in designing and optimizing algorithms. A particular specialty in this area is in the optimization of algorithms for speed or for use on platforms with limited computing power.

Modeling & algorithm development

With a significant number of experts with a mathematics or physics background, we can develop and study mathematical models and algorithms for many areas, including:

We use a range of tools including modeling packages and machine learning approaches to understand data sets and test processing algorithms.

Limited computing power

We excel at turning models and algorithms into practical implementations. We have designed image processing algorithms for low cost low performance microcontrollers which have ultimately been embedded into white goods products. In one instance, we took a high level proven algorithm, determined its key functionality and produced an equivalent lower level algorithm which was able to run using extremely limited resources on an 8-bit low cost processor.

High speed

We built a high-performance bioinformatics processing pipeline for a UK startup. We identified algorithms published in mathematical academic literature and implemented them to run on off-the-shelf PC hardware using highly-optimised C code. This code exploits extended command sets in modern x64 processors to achieve high throughput. The high-performance core is wrapped in higher-level C# code (for GUI, communication etc.) that is easy to maintain and change.  This means that designing to meet the demands of high performance does not stand in the way of system flexibility. The entire system was developed to a strict Class C quality level as defined by IEC-62304 and has achieved CE-marking, forming the core of the client’s growing business in an innovative diagnostic market.


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