Fluid handling & metering

We have been bringing innovation to the world of fluid handling, metering and flow control systems for over 30 years. For industrial applications, we develop or redesign pumps, meters, and valves for improved performance and longevity or for the purposes of cost-optimization and differentiation. For the residential consumer market, we combine our vast experience in sensors, IoT, and low-power electronics to deliver the connected home.

Fluid handling, flow control & metering

Sagentia has more than 15 years’ experience developing flow control systems and metering technologies for fluids and slurries. We work with clients who wish to optimize and refine industrial processing with intelligent flow control systems. We can help if you are looking for ways to move flow control to a service-based revenue model or are just wanting to automate and control your fluid handling processes. We work on projects designed to improve the detection of leaks or emissions, adding sensors, connected systems and the Internet of Things.

We are often asked to re-engineer meters, pumps, valves or other assets from the ground up as part of product optimization or cost challenge initiatives. We have particular experience in electromagnetic and ultrasonic metering technologies, condition monitoring, asset longevity and predictive maintenance projects. For the connected home, the advent of smart domestic meters and the Internet of Things has demanded extremely low-cost, low-power and accurate sensors combined with hands-on experience of working with the latest communications technologies

In short, we take on a whole host of fluid handling, metering and flow control challenges using our deep expertise in fluidics, industrial processing, sensors and process control.  

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Areas of expertise

  • Sensors – a key component in metering is the deployment of sensors. We have in-depth expertise in the design of custom sensing solutions
  • Fluidics and flow control
  • Communications technologies – low-power wireless interfaces are important in connecting the smart meter. We have the experience to implement ultra-low-power wireless interfaces for new or existing products. Using our experience in RF Design, hardware design, software design and system design we are able to bring a design from concept to product in a timely fashion
  • Low-power electronics – we have experience in developing and delivering very low-power electronics across many different markets and applications
  • Integrated design and approach – we specialize in integrating design and approach across all technical disciplines bringing together the communications and electronics with software and firmware and the sensor technologies to deliver complete products

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