icon Fluidics and microfluidics
Fluidics and microfluidics

For diagnostics and dispensing of creams our cross-industry experience here is unchallenged.

icon Hardware and electronics
Hardware and electronics

Our experience and expertise includes producing miniaturized products, mass-market products at compelling price points, designing extremely low-power products and designing high speed, high-performance systems.

icon Product development
Product development

From ideation and creative concept through to prototype and transfer to manufacture.

icon Transfer to manufacture
Transfer to manufacture

Our agnostic manufacturing support will provide the best service to help launch your services to market and successfully transfer your products into manufacture.

Why Sagentia?

Sagentia offers a unique blend of core skills, facilitating progress and innovation.

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Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle. The knowledge of the science, technologies.


Our ability to work alongside your development teams or to work independently.


Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges.


We are very flexible in our business model and have a client-friendly attitude to IP ownership.

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