Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring provides ongoing observation of and feedback about a system’s welfare. It works by continuously monitoring specified system parameters and applying intelligence around the data to infer the condition of the system. Whilst not a new discipline, condition monitoring is seeing an upsurge in demand as low-cost, low-power computing allows it to become practicable in new industry sectors and applications.

Sagentia is experienced in many of the key disciplines that form the constituent parts of condition monitoring systems, including:

  • Sensors – a key part of any condition monitoring system is the deployment of sensors to measure parameters related to the unit under monitoring. We have in-depth expertise in the design of custom sensing solutions and have created sensors for Position, Force, Collision, Optical, Acoustic, Capacitive
  • Algorithms – condition monitoring demands compact and efficient algorithms that are undemanding in terms of computing power and we have mathematics modeling teams with expertise to undertake this work
  • Data transfer – how to configure data transfer is an important part of CM design and is dependent upon the nature of the system being monitored. We have expertise in establishing the data transfer requirements of the system and optimizing it for utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Data aggregation – establishing best practice data aggregation routines can allow for efficiencies to be made when you combine data from a variety of sensors spread over a range of equipment. We have helpful insights to make in this area which can greatly improve the efficacy of CM systems.
  • Interpretation – the value in a condition monitoring system is when it can provide preventative warning of impending failure to relevant personnel. We have experience in developing connectivity to external devices, BI systems or other user interfaces to ensure effective communication of warning to user

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