Development of a novel IVD platform with PCR sample preparation and Magnetic Resonance detection

T2 Biosystems needed to develop a custom IVD system in aggressive timescales.

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"In helping us develop our diagnostic system, Sagentia’s team has shown that they are willing to own the problem, ensuring that our product development continues to meet aggressive timescales in preparation for our clinical trials.”


John McDonough, CEO, T2 Biosystems

Our approach

  • Sagentia’s multi-disciplinary team started with system architecture and concept generation built around the client’s proprietary technology
  • We continued with Proof of Principle to de-risk and develop key system modules before then completing the detailed design of the entire system
  • Parallel activities investigated user interface, consumable design, and ID

Client benefit

  • A flexible platform suitable for the analysis of pathogens, genomics, proteins and small molecule immunochemistry
  • Fully integrated system and consumable development within the required timescales
  • Provided the required functionality within the required footprint and
    BoM cost
  • Prototype delivery for verification testing and clinical trials