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genedrive: Point-of-need molecular diagnostics sample preparation

genedrive is developing its portable PCR platform for use in decentralised Tuberculosis laboratories at the point of...
Medical October 27, 2020

Residue Free Pesticide

Pesticide use and residues remain contentious and a key concern for end-consumers of foods; our client identified a...
Industrial September 22, 2020

What should our food growth strategy look like?

We helped our client (an equipment supplier into the food industry) to develop its strategy and understand where it...
Consumer Food and Beverage September 22, 2020

Precision Delivery

Precise and controllable chemical delivery to specific areas of the field promises advantages to the farmer in terms of...
Industrial September 22, 2020

Invasive Identification

Invasive species (whether flora or fauna) require fast and accurate identification in order to allow farm sta to select...
Industrial September 22, 2020
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