We help you transform possibilities into successful products, combining expertise in science and technology with our love of invention and problem solving. It’s a constant challenge – and one we relish. Our flexible, collaborative approach, broad market knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality mean that we can solve the most complex R&D challenges and quickly deliver tangible benefits to your business.

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Engineering our world

Where is the next generation of engineers coming from and what are organisations doing to attract young people into engineering? 

Working across the product development lifecycle
Market and technology opportunities, trends and risks
Complex science and technology challenges
Breakthrough products and systems
Products better and faster


Sagentia specialises in solving complex problems by bringing together the fundamentals of science with the pragmatism and application of engineering to create ground breaking products.


Our scientists and engineers redefine what’s possible and help R&D groups across the medical, industrial, oil & gas and consumer sectors achieve commercial return from their most complex technology projects.


We have over 29 years' experience working as an end-to-end product development partner with global market leaders through to well funded start-ups across sectors.


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