Food and Beverage Capabilities

At Sagentia we deliver radical new technologies and products, accelerate our customer’s R&D programmes and streamline manufacturing processes. Our capabilities are underpinned by our cross-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and market experts, who bring great ideas into reality. We are fully equipped to help our food and beverage customers succeed in the following areas:

Scientific understanding and benchmarking

Our scientists can help answer fundamental questions that underpin your product and its performance; creating a starting point for further research, development and product improvement.

“What is the flavour/mouthfeel/stability role of component x in my formulation?”

“How does the packaging format change the bubble characteristics in my drink?”

Read our case study -> Benchmarking plant-based burger formulations

Analytical test development

The key to an efficient innovation process is a reliable, robust analytical method that facilitates accurate measuring and monitoring of important variables. Whether testing for physical properties through microscopic, rheological and tribological methods, or studying changes chemical composition with spectroscopic or chromatographic methods, our team can help by developing an analytical method from scratch or improve an existing one so that it works for you.

“How do I create a test which approximates critical mouthfeel?”

“How do I measure the salt particle size in my burger?”

Read our case study -> Approximating mouthfeel of a beverage formulation through analytical predictive modelling

Re-formulation challenges

We love a challenge. Our team regularly work with clients to answer the ever-changing consumer demand for new products. Whether it’s a new high-fibre snack or a ‘lighter’ version of a product that still provides the same organoleptic properties as the original. Our unique predictive modelling methods can help reduce labour-intensive sensory testing of new recipes, helping to reduce the overall cost of development.

“Can I make chewing gum using all-natural ingredients?”

“Can I eliminate an intrinsic off-flavour from my product?”

Read our case study -> Protecting natural colour additive from decolouring in storage

Working with formulations

The formulation work we do for food and beverages doesn’t stop at creating new recipes. We’re experienced in modelling processes, manufacturing methodologies, transporting complex rheological fluids, creating novel microstructures, spraying and dispensing; all of which act to unlock potential new product formats.

“What technologies can I deploy to form a specific particle size?”

“How do I monitor processes to increase efficiency and reduce downtime?”

Read our case study -> Monitoring zeta potential / microstructure in flow

Products, design and consumer experience

Our multidisciplinary team comes into their own when designing consumer-focused products. The insight that our market experts provide, combined with the technical expertise of our scientists and engineers means we’re capable of creating products that complete the consumer experience.

 “How do I make a personalised product dispenser for in home use?”

 “What does a sustainable package look like, and what is it made of?”

Read our case study -> Review of packaging format for child safety