Software Test Engineer

We are looking for a Software Test Engineer to join our team! As a Software Test Engineer, you will be responsible for planning and implementing of tests that prove the functional and non-functional requirements of a product/software application.

We have:
• A multitude of exciting projects in the medical, industrial and consumer sectors
• Projects ranging from quick build proof-of-principle prototypes through to full product developments
• The opportunity to work with our clients and be part of the development of innovative and exciting new products that change the world

You will have experience in:
• Devising Test plans
• Hands-on testing of end products/software applications
• Development of manual and automated testing
• Functional and non-functional testing
• Selecting testing heuristics, Black Box Techniques, White Box techniques, Combinatorial Scenarios
• Root cause analysis of anomalies
• Development Process - V model, Agile (Scrum), Waterfall
• Clear communication, Reproducibility, Proper Prioritization, Isolating (minimal steps to reproduce anomalies),

Required qualifications:
• International Standard Testing Qualification Board Certification (ISTQB)
• Degree in Engineering or Computer Science

Test Engineer duties and responsibilities:
• Devise Test Plans to test and prove that the product or software application meets requirements
• Hands-on Test Protocols execution on the product or software applications
• Develop and automate tests for software testing
• Detect bug issues
• Prepare defect reports and report test progress
• Work with firmware/software developers to ensure quality

The opportunity
We are looking for exceptional, energetic, hard-working and hands-on enthusiastic software tester to join our group of world class employees. If successful you will be part of this team and have the unique opportunity to work with clients from start-ups through to global market leaders. You will have a passion for technology and will use a combination of innovation, flexibility and technical excellence to meet and exceed our customers’ often demanding requirements and tight development timescales.
You will work across the product development lifecycle, from new concept generation and technology validation, through prototyping and full product development, to transfer to manufacture and sustainability.

A Day in the life
Your work will predominately be based at our Sagentia offices in Harston, Cambridge or Epsom, Surrey depending on the location you are applying for and there will likely be opportunities to travel to client sites in Europe or USA and work alongside client personnel for short durations.
You will enjoy a fast-paced environment in which we solve a variety of challenges from different industries.
At any one time we have dozens of active projects in the medical, industrial and consumer sectors. You will have the opportunity to utilise and improve your testing skills on projects across sectors. Projects range in length anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. Projects will typically require multidisciplinary skills requiring team work, independent research, software development, mechanical design, electronics design and of course a testing team that you will be part of. You will enjoy working within the scrum team doing informal testing and feature closing, and during the verification phase doing formal requirements verification.

Why choose us?
The benefits package is excellent; we pay competitive salaries and you’ll be part of an innovative team.
Perhaps most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to develop innovative products that make a difference, learn something new every day, work with a wide range of the latest tech and spend your days with people from different disciplines such as software engineers, electronics hardware engineers, mechanical engineers and scientists who are as enthusiastic and excited as you are about creating great products and software applications!

Career development
You will work on client projects from your first day; we think this provides you with the opportunity to learn from a fantastic team of colleagues and put your great technical skills to use immediately! We work with you from the start of your time with us to ensure we understand how you want to develop your career in the future. We have a great variety of projects taking place at all times and identify, offer and provide bespoke training to support you in developing your existing skills and fill in any gaps. When you join you will be paired with a mentor whose job is to help you settle in, inspire you and instil the Sagentia way.

You will be offered a competitive salary and benefits package.


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