Wireless connectivity

In an age where connectivity of devices is expected, there are many product developments which require an ultra-low-power wireless interface and a multitude of devices requiring Bluetooth to enable them to connect with each other without the need for wires.

Sagentia has the experience to implement ultra-low-power wireless interfaces for new or existing products. Using our experience in RF Design, hardware design, software design and system design we are able to bring a design from concept to product in a timely fashion. We have worked with medical devices, smart utility meters and domestic applications amongst many other applications. 

Determination of a suitable spectrum and protocol

A thorough analysis of which area of the crowded spectrum would be suitable for your device. From an understanding of your application space, we evaluate the appropriate protocols and spectrum space used to help you determine the best approach.

Wireless system design

We can design a complete wireless solution for your product. The design process includes development of the receiver and transmitter electronics, antenna and matching circuit and link budget analysis. We can also model the system to determine the best data rate and duty cycles for data transmission to minimize power consumption.

Design of bespoke ultra low-power transceivers

If your device requires the use of a custom protocol, or where standard chipsets do not cater for your desired portion of spectrum, we can design custom front end circuits to enable custom solutions.

Antenna design

As part of the design of an ultra-low power transceiver, the design of the antenna plays a critical part in power consumption of low power systems. It is often a requirement that the antenna is small compared to the rest of the system. We can help choose an optimal antenna design through use of simulation tools and measurements.

Near-field/inductive solutions

When you require a communications link of a few mm to a few cm, near field/inductive technology may be the answer. In this situation, we are able to design ultra-low power near field/inductive transceiver solutions, including the development of near field inductive links for applications such as metering applications and medical implants. We have combined such techniques with inductive sensors.


We can help with wireless product certification to get your product onto the market.

Bluetooth & Bluetooth low energy

With Bluetooth technology now relatively mature, there are various chipset offerings from a number of vendors, making it an ideal technology for robust short-range wireless links. The more recent advent of Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) provides a means for low power equipment to be part of a wireless personal area network.  We are also able to assist in enabling communication between your device and Smart phones via BlueTooth. We can carry out the electronic design for your device as well as the software required for the smart phone (iPhone and Android). We also have extensive experience in the development and launch of iPhone apps.


MICS (Medical Implant Communication Service) uses a part of the spectrum dedicated to medical implants. We have significant experience in working with this protocol and have developed an adaptor to allow MICS and BlueTooth Low Energy to communicate. Ultimately this allows medical implants to interoperate with a smartphone.


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