Thermal engineering

Managing heat transfer is a crucial area for many devices. Sometimes heat transfer is the primary function of a device. In other situations, heat transfer is an undesirable by-product which needs careful management.

Sagentia has expertise in heating and cooling in a diverse range of applications, ranging from the rapid temperature cycling of 25uL medical assays to rapid beverage cooling, and from heat transport in human tissue to domestic heating applications requiring 10’s of kW.

Insight, modeling & simulation

We use modeling to provide insight, predict performance, understand which parameters are critical and select the right design. Our toolset includes analytical modeling through to multiphysics finite element simulation. Having made theoretical predictions we validate our conclusions through proof of principle laboratory experimentation.

Heating technologies

We have built systems using conventional technologies such as resistive wire elements and gas combustion, as well as more specialist technologies such as steam generation, electrically conductive polymers, and transparent indium tin oxide.

Cooling technologies

Cooling divides into two types of problem: waste heat that needs to be removed to stop a device overheating, or a need to cool a component below ambient. We can advise on the choices between passive, forced air and liquid cooling. We also design systems using thermoelectric coolers and vapor compression cycles, as well as less common approaches such as evaporative cooling or novel approaches such as shock tubes.

Insulation & energy storage

Whilst many applications seek to maximize heat transfer they also have a requirement to minimize losses or store heat for future use. We consider this in our designs, minimizing unintended heat loss paths through the use of appropriate insulation.

Efficiency & energy recovery

There is an ongoing need to make devices and products more energy efficient. We help our customers achieve this both through improvements in our fundamental approach and through recovery and minimisation of the waste heat.

Medicine & cosmetics

Heating and cooling of the human body can provide many benefits such as the cauterization of tissue, prevention of brain injury and enhanced transport of drugs and cosmetics. We have experience of a wide range of devices and of modeling heat flow in the human body.


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