Software engineering

Software engineering is an integral part of product and technology development projects. Specialized software engineers and architects, integrated into cross-disciplinary project teams, ensure successful development of products on time and budget and in certain markets, such as medical devices, to stringent regulatory requirements.

Our approach

We take a systems engineering approach to all of our projects. Our team has technical experience in both software and electronics and we work in close collaboration with scientists and mechanical teams across Sagentia to ensure we have a full system view.

The methodology we adopt depends on the specific needs of your project: agile, iterative or waterfall, following our processes or your own. In all cases, we operate our software projects transparently, through prompt, clear communication and by offering access to our build, issue tracking, and management systems.

We employ a variety of techniques to achieve successful delivery such as:

  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous code review
  • Unit & integration testing
  • Continuous test
  • Continuous deployment
  • Static analysis

We work with you to agree the right balance of control, rigor and pragmatism to meet your needs.

Medical software development

We conduct medical software development according to IEC 62304 and FDA regulatory standards.

Our projects are carried out under the framework of a robust product development process which is certified to ISO9001 standards and accredited to ISO13485.

Our software development experts understand what it takes to successfully develop medical software that can be accurately verified, validated and documented for FDA 510K or PMA submission or European submissions.

We have successfully developed medical devices for the USA market (FDA Class II and Class III devices) and European markets (Software safety classification B and C).

Technologies and Platforms

We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions including:

  • Embedded Devices: C, Assembler
  • Desktop, Cloud, Web: .NET, Java, C++, C#, Matlab, Python, Ruby
  • Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres SQL, Oracle, SQL Lite
  • Mobile: Objective-C, Swift, Android Java
  • Hardware platforms: Personal Computer (PC), Microchip PIC controllers, ARM-based processors, Bluetooth Low Energy processors, Cloud based computing (AWS and Azure)
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Embedded, QNX, uC/OS-II, bare metal (no operating system)

The breadth of experience of our technical experts means we have detailed understanding of the challenges of most platforms.

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