Optics, imaging & illumination

There is increasing awareness of the beneficial impact that light-based technology advances are having in our daily lives and how, by using light, we can address many of the major challenges across energy, education, agriculture, and health. Advances in optics, imaging, and illumination are driving innovation in many industry sectors.

Sagentia has significant experience in the areas of imaging, illumination and optical instrumentation and we are working on market-changing devices and technologies in many of these areas.


  • Metrology – we can help you develop systems for industrial and medical metrology applications using advanced 3D techniques. We also have experience of high-speed linescan systems for on-line measurement in quality control applications
  • Inspection – our understanding and expertise in optical design and imaging system development means we can work with you to develop bespoke optical based inspection systems. Our experience here has ranged from high-speed dual wavelength inspection of food produce, through to high accuracy, low-cost automatic inventory identification for industrial and aerospace applications
  • Intelligent imaging & image processing – much of our work in imaging and illumination system development requires the development of associated image processing techniques and algorithms. We have expertise both in the use of modular off-the-shelf software systems, in addition to developing our own custom algorithms based on our in-house mathematical modeling and analysis capability
  • Endoscopy – we have expertise in the development of endoscopy systems - both in terms of imaging (chip-on-tip, 3D, optical design) and illumination. We have also worked on next-generation endoscopic systems for hands-free positioning in addition to applications in robotic surgery
  • Low photon levels– we have worked on several technologies where extremely low light detection (a few up to 1k photons) is required, primarily in the area of advanced medical diagnostic systems. Our understanding of optics, detection electronics and the basic physics underlying the detection method has been key to helping advance the understanding of how these systems can be practically used in diagnostics products


  • Photodynamic therapy – our expertise in this area covers the fundamental science and technology behind the technique through full product development and transfer to manufacture. Several photodynamic therapy products that we have developed are currently on the market or undergoing clinical trials
  • Cosmetic therapeutics – we have developed and investigated several technologies for use in cosmetic therapeutics. Here, we apply our deep understanding of the basic physics of the energy delivery mechanisms together with the interaction of energy with human skin tissue
  • Surgical lighting – we have many years experience in the development of technologies for use in medical lighting. This covers operating theater lights, minor and major surgical lights, examination lights and also specialist lighting applications such as retinal illumination. Our experience includes the full spectrum of technologies involved including light sources (LED, halogen, xenon), electronic drive, optics, thermal management, product design, and development
  • LED lighting – we can also work with you to develop illumination systems using state of the art solid-state light emitting diodes (LEDs). Much of our work in this area has been in developing novel illumination technologies for medical lighting but we have also developed systems for industrial and consumer markets. Our focus is generally on the development of high efficiency, high brightness LEDs, and optical systems. We have also worked extensively on specialist applications involving producing high color rendered light from LEDs
  • Fibre-coupled systems – we have experience developing products and technologies that involve coupling light into and delivering light from optical fibers. In particular, we have worked on systems for efficiently coupling light into narrow gauge fibers for medical applications, in addition to integrating fiber coupled delivery and detection systems into advanced diagnostic instruments. We also have expertise in fiber optic sensors

Laser systems

  • Marking – we can help you optimize laser marking systems for high-speed industrial applications. Here, we have developed new optical systems to enable enhanced higher resolution marking to be achieved
  • Metrology – we also have experience of developing laser-based metrology systems for a range of applications. Our expertise in this area includes novel time of flight detection, interferometry, scanning confocal and triangulation techniques
  • Beam measurement – we can work with you to develop novel systems for profiling high power lasers in situ to enable real-time control of beam quality
  • Medical – we developed the first solid-state laser for medical applications. We have also worked on a wide range of products and technologies in the medical field which involve lasers (measurement of the refractive power of the eye, cornea thickness measurement, laser fluorescence detection etc)
  • Lens-less imaging – we also have experience of designing and developing advanced lens-free imaging systems using diffractive image capture and algorithmic reconstruction


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