The trend to manufacture smaller products, appliances, and devices of all types, electronic, optical, sensing, and for all markets continues to gather pace. Looking to reduce the size of an existing product requires specific disciplines and experience.

Sagentia’s embedded systems group brings wide-ranging skills to bear to enable radical review of existing electronics systems with a review to reducing their overall size. By considering the fundamental requirements of the product, novel approaches to architecture, board design and layout can result in substantial changes in form factor.

Our team of software, electronics, and system designers have worked on devices for the medical, consumer and industrial sectors. Managing the complex needs of function versus manufacturability, thermal dissipation, EMC and other environmental variables is critical in the types of application we work on. These have included:

  • Surgical single use devices
  • BLDC motor controllers
  • In-vivo energy delivery device

Why Sagentia?

  • Our track-record of solving complex development challenges delivering commercially successful products
  • Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges
  • Our flexible business model and client-friendly attitude to IP ownership
  • Our unusual combination of science and technology skills coupled with sound commercial judgment


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