Mechanical design

Mechanical design is a key part of the product and technology development lifecycle. Effective mechanical design takes account of all the factors impacting the finished product such as cost, space, power requirements, environmental conditions, and manufacturing process.

Sagentia’s Mechanical Systems Group consists of a team of design and analytical mechanical engineers. We have a broad range of industry experience working throughout the product lifecycle from product ideation through to transfer to production. Mechanical design contributes to concept development, systems design, product prototyping and the detailed design of products including the design for manufacture and assembly.

Key elements of mechanical design include:

  • Developing functional demonstrators
  • Developing performance prediction modeling
  • Building prototypes systems for performance testing
  • Integrating industrial design
  • Producing prototype products
  • Manufacturing process development

We have worked in areas including:

  • High manufacturing volume consumables in the medical and consumer sectors
  • Durable devices across the full manufacturing volume spectrum in both the medical and consumer sectors
  • Precision instrument design
  • Robotics
  • Consumer appliances
  • Industrial and consumer printer development
  • Manufacturing line process development and end of line testing
  • Optical design
  • Hydraulic and microfluidic design


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