Materials science

A key part of product and technology development is the choice of materials. It is important to understand those materials fully so that effective test protocols can be designed and effective testing undertaken. The commercial nature of material science – choosing materials to meet an end-cost for example – is very important in delivering commercially viable products.

Sagentia’s team of materials science experts provides a range of industry perspectives and can add significant value to your materials selection process, both from a commercial and functional requirements perspective. This includes:

  • Identifying key requirements for the material function within commercial restraints
  • Rapid selection of materials based upon functional requirements
  • Providing a fundamental understanding of the science underlying the technology as well as the practical grounding to implement robust testing protocols
  • Testing of the materials within their actual working context

Materials characterisation techniques

We use a broad range of techniques to perform materials characterisation, including; XRD, Electron Microscopy, EDX, Optical Microscopy, Interferometry, Rheology, Gas Sorption, TGA, DMA, AFM and Impedance Spectroscopy.

Fuel cells, redox flow batteries, and electrochemical reactors

Our work can range from key internal cell components, mechanical build and sealing, to design of test equipment and experimental protocols.

Plastics & functional polymers

We have an in-depth understanding of identifying the correct polymer for each task, as well as the manufacturing techniques needed to incorporate it into a product. We also have knowledge of thermoforming, injection molding, blow molding and insert molding.


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