Chemistry, formulation & process science

The development of innovative new products that meet regulatory and safety guidelines require understanding of the underlying chemistry, process science, and formulation. This is true across a vast range of products and industries: hair care products for the consumer market; medical diagnostics development devices and for basic optimization of the supply chain.

Sagentia uses chemistry, formulation, and process science to provide you with insight into the performance and efficacy of products and manufacturing processes. This expertise is an important input to device developments, scale up manufacture and product design for full life cycle management.


We have more than 25 years’ experience in organic, inorganic and bio-organic chemical science and its application in product development. We have a broad and deep understanding of chemical synthesis, physical and functional properties analysis, manufacture, handling, QC, storage, and safety. These capabilities add value to a wide range of medical, consumer and industrial products. Examples range from identification of technologies to deliver improved sensorial experience within foods, to the consistent release of scent notes from air care devices over the products' lifetime.

Process science

We have significant knowledge in industrial processing and the manufacture of chemical based products. We can help with troubleshooting on production lines and technology scouting for new process technologies. Example processing technologies in which we have expertise include high shear & disruption mixing, milling, blending, freeze drying, spray drying, blast freezing, generation of dispersions, injection molding, extrusion, liquid and powder handling, batch and continuous process control and automation.

Formulation science

We have expertise and a deep understanding of formulation chemistry and its application in the areas of lubricants, inks, coatings, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, household and personal care products. We can help you generate step changes in product performance to meet new consumer needs or regulatory requirements by optimizing formulations through advanced methods or the identification and application of new formulation technologies.


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