User dedicated prototypes

The consumer or user interaction with a product is critical to its success. Early consumer exposure and feedback is key to successful product development. Non-functional models and supporting graphics have traditionally been used to support this testing, however, at Sagentia we have found that functional models can strengthen the experience and quality of feedback obtained.

Our experience

Early consumer exposure and feedback has been key to product development in the consumer space for many years, and for medical products, this is increasingly the case as the FDA is emphasizing the importance of usability. At Sagentia we have found that functional models can strengthen the experience and quality of feedback obtained.

Functional models differ from 'looks like, works like' models in that their purpose is focused almost entirely on the interaction with the end user. The desire is to get this as close as possible to the product vision without the development investment in 'looks like, works like' prototypes.

Functional models are:

  • Intended to give a product impression without the rigors of detailed design
  • Quicker to produce than 'looks like, works like' product prototypes
  • Not necessarily able to meet all product performance specifications
  • Able to steer the prototype development
  • Can be produced in sets to demonstrate and investigate different aspects of the product. One model might be produced to test the loading of a disposable cassette. Another, without the cassette, to demonstrate the function of the product

Why Sagentia?

  • Our expertise, skills, and knowledge of science and technology coupled with the sound commercial judgment required to solve complex development challenges
  • Our broad range of experience across different sectors and geographies
  • Our track record in bringing commercially successful products to market on time and on budget
  • Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges
  • Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle


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