Transfer to manufacture

The final stage in the product development lifecycle is the transfer to manufacturing.  This presents different challenges depending on the nature of the product, the volumes in which it is being manufactured and the nature of the sector or environment in which the product is to be launched.

We help launch your services to market and successfully transfer your products into manufacture. Our manufacturing support is completely agnostic and we have experience working with clients’ existing suppliers or evaluating and entering into new partnerships.

End of Line testing

We have a track record of creating test protocols and equipment to provide end of line confirmation that the product meets its specification. We can specify, develop and implement in-process and end of line testing across a range of industries, products, and production volumes, from one-offs to tens of millions per annum. Alternatively, we can help you deal with specialist test systems providers, translating requirements and checking solutions to make your project smoother.

Selection of manufacturer

Some organizations may have existing preferred partners or in-house options, but others will need to choose a new manufacturing partner and getting the selection process right is critical. We can help you select a manufacturer that not only has the facilities and expertise to provide long-term production services but also delivers effective production engineering and product introduction services. We can help with shortlisting identification, detailed assessment of candidates and contract negotiation.

Audit of manufacturer

If you have a preferred supplier or existing relationships we can undertake a formal audit of the manufacturer against key criteria to ensure their suitability for the project in hand.

Design transfer

We can undertake the transfer of knowledge from the design and development process to ensure that the transfer to manufacture is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Component lifecycle management

Over its lifetime, the parts and components that make up a product may become obsolete.  Future proofing design to accommodate component upgrade or change is part of our transfer process.  We work on refining product design to accommodate component change as required by our clients.

Why Sagentia?

  • Almost 30 years’ knowledge and experience of transferring products to manufacture
  • Our understanding of the challenges involved in transfer to market and therefore how best to overcome them
  • Our track record of bringing commercially successful products to market
  • Our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety demanded by sectors such as medical, defense and aerospace
  • Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle


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