Technical feasibility

Early in the product design process an approach or approaches have been identified that are expected to enable the product to deliver to a user need. These product solutions may have come from a concept generation activity or be an input from an accepted existing solution; for example an assay from diagnostic medicine which requires automation. Early consideration of technical feasibility is key to the risk reduction process of developing any product.

Fundamental to Sagentia's ability to effectively evaluate the technical feasibility of complex product ideas is our expertise, skills, and knowledge of science and technology, combined with the experienced supporting disciplines or electrical and mechanical design required to bring a product to market. We approach technical feasibility both from a theoretical standpoint through scientific analysis and practical proof of principle experimentation and prototyping.

  • Understanding fundamental principles to see if the proposed technology is suitable for the task at hand and is the technology new or can experience be leveraged from other sectors and industries
  • Our ability to interpret and analyze specifications allows us to quickly identify the areas of development risk
  • Using analytics models, to understand the multiple factors and gain insight of complex problems
  • Validating analytical models through experimental analogs and Proof of Principle prototyping
  • Our experience in developing products across broad sectors, applications, and far-ranging production volumes has given us unrivaled experience in understanding potential product costs

Why Sagentia?

  • Our team of 250+ physicists, electrical engineers, applied mathematicians, chemists, mechanical engineers, software developers, systems engineers and materials scientists who are able to validate the scientific principles behind your product and technology concepts
  • Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle
  • Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges


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