Stakeholder insight

Novel solutions start with genuine market needs. Capturing effective feedback from your customers, however, is just the starting point. To identify truly insightful, often unspoken needs with an on-market horizon of 3 to 5 years requires a more considered approach. Qualifying these against the often competing requirements of regulators, payers and providers deepens the challenge.

Our tailored insight programs can be scaled to suit each individual circumstance. They generate quantified, traceable, actionable output helping to drive new product innovation.

We use a tailored mix of observational research and insightful discussion to identify behaviors and unspoken needs. We help take the risk out of product development, by getting under the surface of customer motivations and how their needs may be changing.

One challenge of working right at the forefront of science is it’s incredibly difficult to imagine the future.  Existing users of a given product or technology may not be best placed to imagine possibilities outside of the box. Sagentia has successfully built programs around an iterative ‘fail-fast’ concept approach to help open minds and hone in on the right marriage of technology and need.

Our multi-skilled team includes individuals with the relevant technical, clinical and commercial backgrounds for capturing not just the voice of the customer, but the real needs of the application. We adapt our processes on-the-fly to accommodate new learnings and as experienced product developers, we contextualize our findings within the realm of the technologically and commercially practicable.

The results are a set of insights that can:

  • Identify valuable novel functionalities
  • Unearth disruptive service or product solutions
  • Help innovate clinical procedures and workflows
  • Marry new technologies with future customer needs
  • Address economic challenges
  • Help shape the look and feel of products to improve user experience
  • Be used as traceable input to product development requirements or more formal QFD processes


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