Product prototype models represent the culmination of rigorous Proof of Principle and detailed design effort to realize the first off examples of a new product.

Sagentia has extensive experience of proving product designs through the production of prototype models.

Different terminology is often used for the stages in product prototype development. The common nomenclature adopted by Sagentia is A-models, B-models, and Series Build but we can adapt to any requested engineering methodology or approach.

A-Models: 'Looks like, works like, but not made like' prototypes

  • A first off physical realization of the detailed product from CAD models
  • Used for conducting integration testing and product debugging
  • Produced using rapid prototyping techniques
  • The critical performance components need to reproduce function as closely as possible to that anticipated in the final product or as a minimum there has to be a thorough understanding of the shortfalls

From the knowledge gained at A-model development, we can further enhance Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA). We will also produce initial drafts of verification protocols and conduct informal pre-verification testing.

B-Models: 'Looks like, works like, made like' prototypes

  • Models of tooled parts encompassing any updates identified during the A-model process
  • Assembled for final verification and type testing
  • At this stage, we would anticipate assembling these prototypes and, in the case of a medical product development, following the intended manufacturing processes

We can work with your preferred manufacturing partner or assist in identifying and qualifying new partners. We can provide support in the set-up of the manufacturing process from jig and test fixture design through to initial build debugging.


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