Proof of Principle prototyping

Proof of Principle (PoP) prototyping enables the key technologies of the proposed product, or elements of the product, to be tested for viability and performance. They enable you to feel confident through 'reasons to believe' that an appropriate design direction has been selected.

Sagentia's experience across the entire product and technology development lifecycle has led us to address technical risks early before detailed design. We produce Proof of Principle prototypes and demonstrators as standard.

Proof of principle models can be used to:

  • Address technical aspects of the product development before you invest to develop a fully functional embodiment of the product
  • Validate the feasibility of integrating technologies into the proposed product envelope
  • Demonstrate that the chosen route can meet or approach the product specification eg life testing

The output then guides the product development of the 'looks like, works like' product prototype in the most appropriate design direction to meet the requirements of the specification.


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