New product concepts

Generating new ideas and refining those ideas is a key process of the product and technology development lifecycle. It requires a combination of structured and unstructured approaches to produce truly novel concepts.

Sagentia collaborate with you to generate novel product and service concepts that take an unbiased perspective, benefit from cross industry sector experience and lateral thinking and enable diversification into new markets. These concepts are created with our in-house industrial designers to create holistic product visions that can be readily tested for technical feasibility and validated with target user groups.

Concept generation

We excel at generating concepts for new products and services and new ways to achieve difficult requirements to help your teams make informed commercial and technical decisions. We deploy our proven divergent-convergent concept generation process where we generate numerous ideas which are analyzed, evolved and refined. Ultimately we will select a small number of concepts for detailed feasibility testing. A key differentiator is that we seamlessly integrate our thinking to ensure there is no disconnect between a paper concept and technical reality. This avoids costly redesigns and difficult commercial decisions further along the product development path.

Science driven design

Science driven design uses the fundamental laws of physics and thermodynamics to ascertain what is theoretically possible with materials considering typical product dimension constraints. By using such sound scientific principles, an ‘innovation envelope’ can be constructed, outlining the boundaries for any potential concept. Using this approach, novel product concepts can be generated which are realistic and actionable – allowing for swift transfer to physical prototyping, significantly reducing product development timelines.

Industrial design

Our industrial designers co-design product concepts with our engineers using concurrent methods to create realizable, realistic, appealing designs that satisfy user needs and project your brand values. Our successes can be found in market leading products in the consumer, medical and industrial sectors.

Our concept generation methodology

  • Co-creation and co-design
  • User experience interpretation
  • Requirements capture
  • Idea generation
  • Concept generation / ideas refined
  • Concept selection


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