IP strategy

Protecting your technology investments through a comprehensive Intellectual Property strategy and program is a key part of the innovation process. Similarly, understanding where there are gaps in the market can provide important inputs into your technology strategy.

Sagentia partners with clients’ legal, IP and R&D teams to ensure optimal ROI from patent portfolios and long-term protection of your revenue streams. Our IP, technical and commercial teams use proven IP processes and are supported by over 350 science, technology and market experts in our wider product development business. This means we not only provide you with in-depth, contextualized analysis but can advise on why it’s important and how it can be used to optimize R&D activities. 

IP risk profiling

Our IP risk profiling service identifies the key technical and commercial IP risks associated with your new product and technology concepts. This enables you to make more informed decisions about where to focus at an early stage in the process and reduces costs later in the development lifecycle by focusing on the lowest risk approaches.

In-license and M&A investment support

Our team can help you with IP and technical due diligence analysis to help reduce risk and ensure you have confidence in your investment decisions.

Patent intelligence

We provide in-depth understanding of patenting activities by competitor or technology area, enabling you to understand what your competitors are doing and how you can develop next generation products first.

'White space' visualization

Our IP experts, along with our core team of scientists, technologists, and engineers, identify opportunities in crowded patent landscapes. These can produce actionable information that your R&D teams can use to generate new product or technology concepts.

Patent portfolio optimization

We work with you to identify out-licence opportunities and optimize IP assets, ensuring the cost-effectiveness and strategic alignment of your existing IP portfolio.

Revenue stream value protection

Our IP projects aim to ensure long-term protection of any new development and its associated revenue stream, meaning the value is fully realized by you and not your competitors.


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