Technological advances in medical device instrumentation are changing the face of surgery. Increasing sophistication in sensing and intelligence, computer assistance and robotics, and the relentless drive to miniaturize and optimize are making surgery truly minimally-invasive.

Sagentia works with surgical device companies to develop technically challenging, robust and innovative solutions in a responsive timeframe.

Areas of expertise

  • Intelligent devices
  • Wireless comms & power
  • Energy-based devices
  • Visualization & image fusion
  • High-performance surgical lighting
  • Robotics
  • Sensors

Currently, we are undertaking many projects in the following areas:

Surgical robotics

Robotics has the potential to not only facilitate access but through sensory feedback and augmented visualization to further connect surgeon and patient, as well as improving accuracy and making surgeons' lives easier. At Sagentia we have undertaken more than 70 robotics projects in recent years, ranging from small scale actuation on handheld devices to large-scale multifunctional surgical robotic systems. The combination of our multidisciplinary technical teams and applied clinical knowledge means we are ideally placed to help clients augment their core competencies and deliver a more rounded surgical solution.

Smart surgery

Smart surgical systems provide real-time data enabling surgeons to make better and more informed decisions. Smart surgery offers the possibility of increased surgical safety, improved patient outcomes, reduced operating room time and reduced risk of complication. Medtech companies also have the opportunity to acquire data on device usage profiles and performance that can help enhance future R&D and to develop new outcome measures to enhance clinical trials.

Developments in smart surgery are being enabled by advances in sensor and visualization technologies, the adoption of novel contrast agents, improvements in the provision of localized power and enhanced infrastructure for wireless communications. We are actively working in smart surgery on behalf of our clients and have completed numerous projects in the related fields of surgical visualization systems, robotic surgery, and diagnostics.

Energy-based therapies

The delivery of energy to tissue allows surgeons to ablate, cut and coagulate during surgery and, increasingly, to elicit local tissue changes using minimally invasive or percutaneous devices in an outpatient setting. Sagentia has experience across a wide range of energy modalities including RF electrosurgery, ultrasonics, laser, photodynamics, ionizing radiation, hyperthermy and cryotherapy. Our scientific and modeling expertise enables us to understand the effects of energy on tissue, for example through modeling heat flow in perfused tissue, and our product development capabilities enable our clients to bring new products to market. We are currently applying energy based therapeutics to new indications and are enhancing effectiveness through advanced imaging.

Why Sagentia?

  • Our track-record of solving complex development challenges delivering commercially successful products in the surgical sector
  • Our deep expertise in the technologies required for delivering modern surgical devices
  • Our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety demanded by this highly regulated environment
  • Our flexible business model and client-friendly attitude to IP ownership
  • Our expertise, skills, and knowledge together with our connections to clinicians, hospitals and academia
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