With recent advances in sensing, motor control, computational power and communications technologies, as well as significant investment from both governments and private investors, the field of robotics is gaining momentum. From simple, independent robots focused on single tasks, to highly complex systems of interacting robotic devices, we are seeing growing interest in how robotics can be used across industries including medical, industrial, oil & gas, military and consumer products.

With multi-disciplinary teams and technical capabilities in software, mechanical systems, electronics and human-machine interfaces, we have experience partnering with commercial organizations from well-funded start-ups through to global companies focusing on robotics-based technology and product developments.

Areas of expertise

  • Sensing – from absolute position sensing to acoustic force/torque sensing and heat presence detection
  • Optics & visualization – from custom lens design, to color rending technologies, 3D visualization and optical detection
  • Kinematics – describing the motion of systems composed of joined parts
  • Modeling & algorithms – multi-physics modeling for rapid, informed design iteration; sensor fusion enabling low-cost sensors in high sensitivity environments
  • Control systems – collaborative robotics, planning systems and multivariable feedback loop design for safe human-machine interaction
  • Industrial design & human factors – integrating complex technology with ergonomic design to optimize the human machine interaction experience
  • High power & high-speed electronics design – from high power density servo motor control to terabit data processing engines

Whether developing a surgical robot to augment a surgeon’s abilities, an autonomous vehicle that needs to be aware of its surroundings, or an oil & gas robot for use in harsh environments, our cross-industry insights and core science and technology skills ideally place us to help develop robotic devices and systems.

Why Sagentia?

  • Our skills and expertise in sensor technology, mathematical modeling, human-machine interaction and optics and imaging
  • Our practice of working in cross-discipline teams meaning that the different technical disciplines are integrated
  • Our flexible business model and client-friendly attitude to IP ownership
  • Our deep understanding of global and local markets and our ability to understand your specific needs quickly
  • Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle


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