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Innovation in the cosmetics and beauty industry has traditionally been dominated by R&D advancements in formulation chemistry, backed up by huge marketing budgets. Changing consumer preferences and expectations are now driving a wider range of new product innovations.

We believe in the application of science, enabling brands to effectively capitalise on the need for sophisticated in-home treatments and in-home or in-store diagnostics.

Our experts cover a range of disciplines and work together to solve challenges, create ground-breaking products and deliver regulatory advice and guidance.

Our in-depth knowledge of science, technology, consumer needs and future trends, means that we can develop innovative products with future-proof qualities, ensuring brands can be agile, ground-breaking and efficient in developing products that surpass consumers’ expectations.

We work with cosmetics and personal care companies from around the world and at every stage of their product development lifecycle from market needs analysis, product ideation and development to regulatory advice for export to claim substantiation.

We develop diagnostic devices that provide consumers with information about their care regime, devices that are used in combination with a chemistry to deliver therapeutic benefit and standalone therapeutic devices.

Our clients talk about the need for ‘brand activation’ and the ability to engage their customers on a one-to-one basis amidst a string of technology advancements offering exciting yet affordable functionality.

Download information on how we work with clients and read a case study on developing the ageLOC LumiSpa with Nu Skin.

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Read more on how we've developed smart devices for personalised health and beauty regimes for Nu Skin and Dove.

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Read how, together with our sister company TSG Consulting, we operate across the cosmetics lifecycle to solve challenges, create ground-breaking products and deliver regulatory advice and guidance.


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