Patient care

Patient care refers to the management of both critical and chronic conditions within the hospital, emergency, home or specialist environments. Advances in science and technology are impacting conventional methods and practices.

Sagentia helps develop transformational medical technology to help shape a new age of patient care. We work with companies to develop products that treat acute and chronic conditions.

Areas of expertise

  • Advanced drug delivery – developing new ways for individuals to administer pharmaceuticals whether by injection, inhaler, implant etc so as to better control compliance and experience
  • Patient monitoring – application of sensors and algorithms to vital signs monitoring, integrated into existing devices and novel wearables
  • Regenerative medicine – automation of bioprocessing for biologics and regenerative medicine products, design of delivery devices
  • Energy-based therapies – modifying and healing tissue using minimally/noninvasive devices, enhanced with advanced imaging, and employing a wide range of energy modalities including laser, RF, and ultrasound
  • Dental – endodontics, advanced diagnostics and digital dentistry imaging

Most of our work revolves around the application of science and technology expertise to help address fundamental health issues. Our core capability lies in the development of complex physical devices that are both clinically and cost effective, from concept design through to prototype and transfer to manufacture.

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Why Sagentia?

  • Our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety demanded by this highly regulated environment
  • Our experience and excellence across the entire product development lifecycle from concept to transfer to market
  • Our track-record of solving complex development challenges delivering commercially successful products
  • Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges
  • Our expertise, skills, and knowledge together with our connections to clinicians, hospitals and academia


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