Metering & sensors

Metering has much to contribute to the dual initiatives of energy efficiency and the connected world. The advent of smart domestic meters has demanded extremely low-cost, low-power and accurate sensors that can survive in harsh environments. With concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT) describing a connected home – both internally and externally – the desire to connect devices, thermostats, meters and third parties underlines the need for effective communications technologies.

Sagentia has more than 15 years’ experience developing metering technologies for gases and fluids including electromagnetic and ultrasonic technologies. The majority of these developments have shared the common driving needs of low energy consumption and low-cost production.

Areas of expertise

  • Sensors – a key component in metering is the deployment of sensors. We have in depth expertise in the design of custom sensing solutions
  • Communications technologies – low-power wireless interfaces are important in connecting the smart meter. We have the experience to implement ultra low-power wireless interfaces for new or existing products. Using our experience in RF Design, hardware design, software design and system design we are able to bring a design from concept to product in a timely fashion
  • Low-power electronics – we have experience in developing and delivering very low-power electronics across many different markets and applications
  • Integrated design and approach – we specialise in integrating design and approach across all technical disciplines bringing together the communications and electronics with software and firmware and the sensor technologies to deliver complete products

Why Sagentia?

  • Our proven track record in the development and delivery of multiple metering products
  • Our experience in a wide range of technologies and a track record of delivery
  • Our understanding of the restraints frequently present in this market such as low energy requirements or low data transfer bandwidth
  • Our practice of working in cross-discipline teams meaning that the different technical disciplines are integrated
  • Our flexible business model and client-friendly attitude to IP ownership