Medtech advisory

We offer a suite of advisory services which help our clients find new opportunities for growth. Our teams of scientists, technologists and business consultants identify and interpret new insights in order to create solutions which anticipate and respond to emerging trends or market threats. We help to drive the future direction of our clients’ businesses. 

A focus on stakeholder insights: real-world feedback backed up by rigorous science

One key part of our advisory services involves deriving stakeholder insights through ethnographic observation and in-depth interview, helping our medtech clients to stay ahead of changing needs and to find new opportunities for growth. Our biomedically trained scientists and technologists have clocked countless hours of time in-context getting to understand workflows and stakeholder interactions. This domain know-how, when mixed with our technical expertise and commercial pragmatism drives us to uncover unspoken needs and innovative solutions of tomorrow’s operating room, ICU or home environment.

In a world where new technologies such as robotics, multimode imaging, and machine learning are opening new horizons, our advisory work helps our clients address questions of value generation, service provision, and relevance in a shifting healthcare landscape.

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Our medical advisory services include:-

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