icon Wireless connectivity
Wireless connectivity

We have the experience to implement ultra-low-power wireless interfaces for new or existing products.

icon Systems engineering
Systems engineering

We have the depth and breadth of understanding to integrate engineering disciplines with science and technology teams, providing unrivalled system design capabilities, balancing complexity, performance, cost, time-to-market, usability and other product requirements.

icon Algorithms and optimisation
Algorithms and optimisation

We have modelled, implemented and optimized a wide range of algorithms for object identification, condition monitoring, signal conditioning, sensors and more.

icon Novel sensor development
Novel sensor development

Often in the industrial sector there is the need to produce high volume sensors at low cost to work in highly customized applications and which require low power.

Why Sagentia?

Sagentia offers a unique blend of core skills, facilitating progress and innovation.

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Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle. The knowledge of the science, technologies.


Our ability to work alongside your development teams or to work independently.


Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges.


We are very flexible in our business model and have a client-friendly attitude to IP ownership.

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