The world of diagnostics has grown significantly over the past few years. The industry is not only focused on specific disease identification but is also responding to personalized and stratified medicine initiatives, supporting a larger number of clinical developments, developing tests to monitor progression of often overlapping disorders and advancing predictive testing capabilities.

We help companies achieve faster time to market for even the most demanding science and technology challenges and the most complex, custom design requirements. This includes developing instruments with higher levels of sensitivity, platform flexibility, and throughput, as well as ensuring that size, cost and usability requirements are successfully addressed.

We have expertise across application areas including molecular diagnostics, hematology, immunochemistry, genomics and clinical chemistry and work with start-ups and global multinationals from front end innovation, through product design and development, to successful transfer to manufacture.

Areas of expertise

  • Complex automated instrumentation
  • Handheld diagnostics devices
  • Thermal & fluid flow modeling
  • Microfluidic design within high volume consumables
  • Data processing & algorithm development
  • Next generation sequencing technologies
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Precision medicine

In vivo

We can help with in vivo diagnostic tools that are used in the clinic environment. Our projects are focused on inventing and developing novel technologies that improve efficiency and efficacy of surgical/patient care procedures and/or optimizing the performance of existing trusted technologies such as CT scanners, MRI scanners, PET scanners, X-rays etc.

In vitro

IVD is experiencing significant growth in point of care and home-use environments, and new technologies and assays continue to be introduced into central labs. Companies wanting to win more market share need to launch products that are able to demonstrate increased speed, higher sensitivity or lower cost. Our work includes applications in clinical chemistry, hematology, immunochemistry, molecular diagnostics, and genomics. Projects span from early stage market needs analysis and technical due diligence through to prototyping and transfer to manufacture.

Personalised medicine

Personalized medicine is a relatively new field that has often been defined as ‘the right treatment for the right person at the right time’. The essence of the concept is accounting for the differences in an individual patient’s genetic profile in a way that anticipates and overcomes potential complications and adverse drug reactions. Our deep understanding of complex science and technology allows us to bridge the gap between scientific research and product development. Our experience includes working on systems focused on clinical chemistry, hemostasis, immunoassays and molecular diagnostics. More recently, our work has included systems concerned with genomics and proteomics, key enabling technologies for personalized medicine and the devices that enable it.

Why Sagentia?

  • Our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety demanded by this highly regulated environment
  • Our expertise, skills, and knowledge together with our connections to clinicians, hospitals and academia
  • Our track-record of solving complex development challenges delivering commercially successful products
  • Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges
  • Our flexible business model and client-friendly attitude to IP ownership


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