Dental technology, devices & systems

Next-generation dentistry will see changes in clinical practice driven by market factors and technology advances. Technology advances will involve incremental innovation in materials science and product design, but more transformational changes may be driven by new technologies associated with digital health, advanced imaging and point of care diagnostics. There are exciting opportunities for technology transfer from other medical applications, resulting in clinical improvements and patient care efficiencies.

Sagentia has vast experience of medical technology and we are currently working on a number of dental developments. Working in partnership with dental device & system manufacturers we use our deep scientific and technology capabilities to deliver innovation and major advancements in dental care. We have particular expertise in imaging, digital health, in vitro diagnostics, sensor technology, and optics. Our work spans technology scouting and market landscaping, proof of principle investigation, concept development, design, prototyping, verification and transfer to manufacture.

Innovation in the dental market; opportunity discovery to full product development


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