Connected health

Connected health refers to the provision of remote healthcare – for example, a patient wearing a device which monitors key health metrics and communicates these to remote third parties.  The obvious economic advantages that connected health brings have created a buzz in this market and it is really taking off. For many medical device companies, moving a device closer to the patient presents some new challenges that must be addressed through the adoption of new technologies or development practices.

At Sagentia, we can help you adapt your core products to these new distributed healthcare systems. Our broad experience in the medical and consumer space means that we understand the increased risks associated with moving a monitoring process into the home and have a range of established methods for addressing them. Our core skills place us ideally to develop novel connected health solutions:

  • Smart sensors & algorithms – innovative solutions for measuring vital signs at a distance
  • Local, low power connectivity – tailored wireless solutions, eg interfacing with mobile medical apps
  • Aggregation computation – abstraction of complex data from multiple inputs, providing meaningful context-aware results to the user

We have undertaken projects including developing mobile apps, IEC62304-compliant medical software, and multi-device wireless medical systems.

Why Sagentia?

  • We have extensive experience in wireless technologies such as MICS (Medical Implant Communication Service) and BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • We have an uncompromising commitment to quality and safety as demanded by this highly regulated environment
  • We have experience in a wide range of technologies and a track record of delivery
  • We understand the restraints frequently present in this market such as low energy requirements or low data transfer bandwidth
  • We are very flexible in our business model and have a client-friendly attitude to IP ownership