icon Microfluidic process scale-up
Microfluidic process scale-up

We have an in-depth understanding of fluid mechanics coupled with practical knowledge of fluid handling technologies.

icon Our development process
Our development process

Delivering products which meet requirements and production timescales, provide a satisfying user experience, and are suitable for manufacture, maintainable and profitable.

icon Mechanical design
Mechanical design

Designing for cost, space, power requirements, environmental conditions, reliability, usability and manufacturing process.

icon Overcoming cost challenges
Overcoming cost challenges

Developing a product to meet a price point. We understand the different components that contribute to overall cost and can advise on where to focus to gain cost reductions.

Why Sagentia?

Sagentia offers a unique blend of core skills, facilitating progress and innovation.

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Our expertise across the entire product development lifecycle. The knowledge of the science, technologies.


Our ability to work alongside your development teams or to work independently.


Our curiosity, passion and collaborative approach in approaching new development challenges.


We are very flexible in our business model and have a client-friendly attitude to IP ownership.

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