IoT technology

Built on a secure and stable platform

The Nuvola technology architecture is the backbone of all Nuvola service offerings. It is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that keeps over a million devices operational in over 15 countries, supplying on-screen message to consumers in more than ten languages. It is architected on Microsoft Azure, taking advantage of load balancing and multiple availability centres to deliver high levels of availability- typically 99.99%. The technology has been designed so that it can act as an extension of your existing infrastructure services or to access third party content or databases that you may wish to leverage. Mindful of strict policies towards privacy and consumer data, the platform has been architected to facilitate compliance with the EU’s GDPR legislation.

Key features:

  • Handles 1,100 Requests Per Second
  • Supports 1000,000 devices daily
  • Onboards approximately 1,700 new devices per day
  • Products operating in Germany, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, France, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Australia
  • 997% 12-month uptime
  • 1000s firmware updates delivered over the air per day