The future of female health and wellness: An introduction to emerging trends, challenges, and technologies. Webinar

01 October, 2020

In a recent webinar, Erica Kantor, Sagentia and Dr Eileen Buttimer, Oakland Innovation, explored the changing world of female health and wellness. focusing on the repercussions of the historic female health gap, the emerging challenges, and the exciting opportunities for science and technology innovation.

Female health is complex and multifaceted, encompassing conditions that are unique to females, more common in females, and biologically different in females. The historic lack of funding and research in female health has resulted in a dearth of innovation specifically tailored for the female population. However, this tide is turning, marked by favourable investment, technology advancements, and ambitious femtech start-ups.

During this webinar, Erica and Eileen showcased examples of disruptive technologies, and discussed the importance of addressing female health at every life stage and across the care continuum. As markets shift towards value-based care, we believe that there is a significant opportunity for breakthrough female health solutions, requiring a data-driven, nuanced and holistic approach to product development.

We would like to thank all who attended, and those who joined in by asking questions. Due to time restrictions, we were unable to answer all of them on the day, but we have published a selection of questions and answers here.

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