Digital Health Architecture: The role of clinically-proven devices and algorithms in the virtual care revolution

July 09, 2020

 11:00AM EDT (4:00PM BST)

In this webinar we’ll discuss the need to revolutionize healthcare with a wider range of diagnostics and treatments outside the traditional healthcare settings. Typically ‘hospital-only’ medical devices and equipment are migrating towards use in the home and alternative care settings. We’ll explore how solutions to the technical, usability and security challenges will ultimately enable clinically-proven systems to be used safely and effectively – in a virtual care revolution. We’ve seen current forms of telehealth being adopted at unprecedented pace, but it’s also clear that these are not enough to address the immense challenges facing global and local healthcare in the 2020s.

The webinar will describe why the window of opportunity to gain competitive advantage is now open, and how companies that mobilize their efforts quickly and effectively will win significant share. Finally we’ll touch on the longer term opportunity to drive further innovation from the rich datasets that will emerge from connected clinical hardware in the home.

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