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Cost optimisation of pilot helmet system

Over 50% cost reduction in production of helmet system. Challenge Our client needed to reduce the costs of their...
Industrial December 01, 2017

Cost optimisation of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) product

Cost comparison analysis on ATMs leads to cost reduction of 35-40%. Challenge Under cost pressure from competitors, our...
Industrial December 01, 2017

Intelligent crop sorting machinery

Vision-based, high-speed crop sorter & grader Our client wanted to be able to sort and grade rice, beans, and seeds...
Industrial June 02, 2017

Grain metering device for combine harvester

Novel agri-tech solution for providing harvest yield data in real-time. Our client approached us for a device which...
Industrial June 02, 2017

Chemical and residue-free pesticide

A revolutionary agri-tech technology concept made reality. Our client had identified an exciting new technology...
Industrial June 02, 2017
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