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Intelligent crop sorting machinery

Vision-based, high-speed crop sorter & grader Our client wanted to be able to sort and grade rice, beans, and seeds...
Industrial June 02, 2017

Grain metering device for combine harvester

Novel agri-tech solution for providing harvest yield data in real-time. Our client approached us for a device which...
Industrial June 02, 2017

Chemical and residue-free pesticide

A revolutionary agri-tech technology concept made reality. Our client had identified an exciting new technology...
Industrial June 02, 2017

Smart fluid control system

Sagentia was approached by a major player in the water industry regarding the development of a 24x7 smart fluid control...
Industrial March 31, 2017

OXEMS: A utility underground asset mapping technology

OXEMS is a University of Oxford start-up which offers a fully integrated underground asset management system that gives...
Industrial December 02, 2013