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  • Moisturiser bottle

    Evolving technologies for enabling tools in cosmetics testing

    17 December 2014

    Technological developments in testing are providing the modern cosmetics company with better data with which to substantiate the claims it makes about its products, and also helping to reduce costs and the speed up testing. This increases both the product’s value in the marketplace and will help give rise to the next generation of products.

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  • DNA strands

    Non-invasive prenatal testing is growing up

    10 December 2014

    The ever-changing world of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing has seen some interesting developments over the last week, particularly in the US. Whatever goes on between the players in this space, the technological advances are exciting and have the potential to offer real benefits for patients. 

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  • Business Intelligence picture

    Is it worth paying for premium news sources?

    24 November 2014

    Sagentia's Business Intelligence Analyst, Sarah Hinton, considers the impact of free sources for news and whether paying for premium news aggregators can be justified when there are free news and sector-specific sources available.

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  • MMA Infographic snapshot

    How medical mobile apps are poised to revolutionize healthcare

    6 August 2014

    We've created the following infographic to outline how Medical Mobile Apps are poised to revolutionize healthcare. For many medical device companies, moving a device closer to the patient presents some new challenges that can be addressed through the adoption of new technologies or development practices.

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  • EMDT logo

    'Owning the disease': comment on EMDT article

    21 May 2014

    An article in EMDT (European Medical Device Technology) suggests that 'traditional medtech companies are increasingly turning to more integrated business models that focus on delivering services and solutions across the continuum of care.' This is a great summary of an emerging trend we are seeing across the industry.

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  • FDA logo

    New FDA guidelines for Health IT development - what are the implications?

    20 May 2014

    We summarise the main recommendations from the recent FDASIA Health IT Report and comment on the key implications for medical IT developments.

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  • Haptics and the robotics revolution

    2 April 2014

    We are on the cusp of a robotics revolution but if robots are to augment our existence, then there is a fundamental level of information that we need to exchange in order to allow us to interpret their actions and respond appropriately.

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  • Operating Room photo

    Intraoperative tissue sensing

    4 March 2014

    With a new era of intelligent surgical devices tissue sensing and imaging could soon be a reality and yield real cost savings for healthcare. We examine some of the new technologies in this area.

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mHealth summit

7-11 December 2014

We're looking forward to attending this year's mHealth summit in Washington, an important event in the field of connected health - networking and learning about the latest innovations, research and trends in the mHealth space.

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Agri-Tech SIG: Remote Sensing and Monitoring Technologies

11 December 2014

Sagentia consultants will be attending this Cambridge Network SIG discussing the opportunities in the ag-tech market for sensoring and monitoring technologies.

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Press Releases

Sagentia selected as lead development partner for Chrono Therapeutics’ wearable ‘smart’ smoking cessation device

4 December 2014

Sagentia announces that it is working with Chrono Therapeutics on the development of SmartStop, the world’s first programmable and wearable nicotine delivery device to help people quit smoking. 

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Human augmentation: the ‘Goldilocks’ application for robotics?

17 October 2014

Sagentia is speaking today on human augmentation in robotics at RoboBusiness 2014 in Boston. Dr Nick Collier, Sagentia’s Chief Technology Officer, will be presenting to leaders from across the global robotics industry on the opportunity for robotics to augment humans and enable them to do more, better and different.

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Press Coverage

In partnership with MIT Technology Review: Mobile Medical Apps - A market on the move

20 November 2014

Published in partnership with MIT Technology Review Sagentia looks at how the demand for remote patient monitoring is creating an exciting opportunity for the emerging area of connected health, and how MMAs may offer particularly apt solutions to the challenges of monitoring patients remotely.

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Sagentia and Premaitha partner on commercial software for NGS-based NIPT product

11 August 2014

GenomeWeb interviews Sagentia's SVP Medical, Paul Wilkins, and Premaitha's CEO Stephen Little on the recent announcement that Premaitha has selected Sagentia to develop a custom bioinformatics solution for Premaitha's NGS-based NIPT product. 

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